1-hour workshop

This workshop is designed to give a brief overview of the development of play skills. The course will provide you with the ability to estimate the play skill level of children in your care and to know what the next developmental step will be.


2-hour workshop

This course extends on the one-hour workshops and provides suggestions on how to support children to transition into the next stage in their play development.


This workshop provides an overview of the developmental steps as well as suggestions on how to foster hand skill development in the school or child care environment.


Depending on the children’s age, skills such as grip, pencil grasp, scissor skills and writing skills can be covered during
this workshop.


This workshop provides a brief overview of the developmental steps as well as make suggestions on how to support the child in the development of self-care skills such as dressing, toileting, grooming and cutlery use.


This workshop provides a brief summary of the sensory sectors and working principles of sensory processing. Furthermore, it will be providing ideas on how to view the child’s behaviour using sensory processing as an umbrella and strategies on how to support the child through times of emotional distress due to sensory overload.

If you would like to inquire about these workshops give us a call or send us an email and we can discuss how to tailor each course to your organisation's needs.

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